Make more money and have more time

Create Your Powerful Work Routine


What you'll learn from this class


How to prioritize your schedule

Create a system for top priorities and streamline other parts of your schedule


How to make the most of your time

Value yourself, the work you're doing and spend quality time with family


How to increase your income and quality of life

Uplevel life by automating tasks that increase income and finally take guilt-free vacations

We understand your struggle, we've all been there

This class will help you live your dream life, get your time back, feel in control, get organized, reach your potential, feel confident, get control, increase your income.

Having helped over 15,000 entrepreneurs and leaders reach their goals, I can assure you that you're in good hands.

Have you ever felt like...

  • You can't reach your full potential?
  • You're not living your dreams?
  • Basically watching life pass by?

We get you, and together we can help you take total control of your time and your life.


Meet the Instructor...

Jamila Payne

Jamila Payne is passionate about empowering women to confidently go for their goals. She is CEO at Daily Success Routine. The company creates daily planners that help women prioritize their time, design a life they love and complete personal and work projects. 
Jamila is the author of Daily Success for Teams and From Payne to Power and she has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Entrepreneur Magazine. She is also an award-winning business owner, selected as a “40 Under 40 Entrepreneur to Watch” by the Philadelphia Business Journal.